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20223 Elfin Forest Road
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Elfin Forest is situated in two intersecting valleys, one running north-south and the other running east-west. Both valleys are cradled by dramatic brush-covered hills and granite formations. one valley
The valleys are home to a diverse mix of native plants and animals, including deer, coyotes, bobcats, red fox, golden eagles, hawks and other raptors, Bells vireos, gnatcatchers, ravens and numerous plant species.
A multitude of species that thrive in this area are on State and/or federal endangered or threatened species lists.

San Diego County has identified this area a highly valuable environmental land. As a result hundreds of acres have been purchased for conservation in perpetuity in the 2000's.

2nd valley

The Escondido Creek extends from the eastern edge of Harmony Grove and continues through Elfin Forest to the northern edge of Rancho Santa Fe. The creek and the surrounding open space in Elfin Forest are also home to many unique and endangered species.
This watershed area is an invaluable resource deserving protection. The watershed accommodates a variety of natural habitats, including riparian wetlands, oak woodlands, native grasslands, chaparral, and coastal scrub.
The upland areas support many rare plant species such as wart-stemmed ceanothus, summer holly, mesa club moss and California adolphia.
Expanses of coastal sage scrub provide refuge for endangered California gnatcatchers, San Diego horned lizards and orange-throated whiptail lizards. For full details on the environmental setting see the Conservation Biology Institute report on the area at:

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